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Illustration for Calendars

  1993 - 1994 Calendar Cover Art

1993-1994 Calendar
I illustrated this calendar with color acrylic paintings from various slides and photos that were given to me. The final was printed in black and white. These paintings took from 4-7 hours each to complete.

  1998 Calendar Cover

1998 Calendar
For this calendar I painted a 5 x 8 foot acrylic mural. Each Calendar page is a close up view of the painting. We wanted a down home america feel with a primitive slant, even though we have modern equipment and depict modern scenes from working life.

  1999 Calendar Cover

1999 Calendar
This calendar focuses on award winners. I combined their photos and acrylic backgrounds into collages. I brought elements into the collages illustrating each person's interests, jobs and achievements.

  2000 Calendar Cover


2000 Calendar
In this calendar, I created 12 paintings with bright colors, showing people in different working situations. The paintings are acrylic on canvas and took about 8-12 hours each to do. No models or photo sources were used to create these images, which is why they some-times have some abstract and cartoonish quality. The important goal here was to capture the spirit of the environment.

Illustration style varies depending upon customer needs and time allowed. Call with specifications for a final quote. These prices are based on hiring Suzanne Shelden to visualize and create a work of art from your concepts using a time budget. This system allows you to purchase a work of art or visual translation of your concept that could range from abstract to realistic, based upon your budget and needs. Author's alterations are billed by the half-hour. More time allocated will result in a more polished final product, including research, models, photography and extra levels of preparation, experiments with different media, and attention to detail.

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imagery shown may also available in digital and printed formats

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all imagery shown is also available in digital and printed formats




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